Father’s Day 2020

With Love to Dad

Nothing beats a homemade gift from the heart! Enjoy quality time together and create a great Fathers’ Day Gift that will build memories to last a lifetime!

Meet the Pa Jar

An ideal way for kids to spend time and have fun with their dad.

This creative gift is filled with wooden blocks for kids to write on with stuff they love to do with their dad - a bike ride, a favourite game, reading, cooking, watching a movie or telling (dad) jokes.

Any time they feel like doing something together, they just reach into the jar and pick out a block. Blocks designed to build memories and create fun-filled times, this jar is one from the heart❣️

Organised by the P&C and just $8 each. To order yours just complete the form below and your Pa Jar will be available to collect from school before Fathers’ Day.


Take this jar home, write something you and Dad would love to do together on each of the blocks.

A regular texta or sharpie should do the job.

Pop them all back in the jar, wrap it up and give it to Dad on Fathers’ Day.

When you and Dad have some free time, get him to dip into the jar (eyes closed!) and pick out a block or two.

Do whatever is written on the blocks together and build some lovely memories.

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Pa Jar - $8

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