Music Committee

2020 Committee Members


  • Shaun Flood



The Music Committee is a group of staff and parents / community members, tasked with supporting the running and development of the Music Ensemble Program at Stanmore Public School. This school program includes a range of extra-curricular music ensembles and individual instrument tuition run by both external tutors and teacher volunteers.

The committee is co-chaired by the music teacher and one parent serving as the P&C music representative. In 2016 they are Bridget Poon (Music Teacher) and Andrew Duncanson (P&C music rep).

The committee will:
  • identify and arrange performance opportunities, and provide support where needed.
  • promote the program throughout the school community, including submitting material to the school newsletter and social media feeds.
  • ensure accessible and effective communication to current and prospective parents of information about all aspects of the music program.
  • ensure sufficient parent support for each ensemble. These needs will vary considerably between ensembles and may include roles such as:
    • a 'class parent' communications co-ordinator between external tutor and parents
    • coordination of new training band applications
  • be the point of contact for on-school private tutors, coordinating and supporting on-school private tutors including administering yearly agreements, briefing new tutors, passing on contact details to prospective parents and mediating any potential issues.
  • administer the instrument pool including distribution and allocation to students, record-keeping, servicing, purchasing and replacement.
  • organise annual music shirts.
  • ensure there are ensemble succession plans in place, for when tutors, teachers, parent volunteers or students move on.
  • develop ideas for improvement and growth in the program.
  • seek funding for new ideas, either by seeking them from the school, from the P&C, or by raising them.


For more information or to offer your expertise or ideas, please contact the committee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.