Stanmore PS P&C - By-Laws

  1. These rules are made under the constitution of Stanmore Public School Parents and Citizens' Association.

  2. The P&C Association is formed for the benefit of the students of the school, which will;
    • participate as much as possible in the activities of the school and communicate with all members of the school community;
    • co-operate in the activities of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales; and
    • promote the interests of public education.

  3. The financial year of the association will close on 31 December each year.

  4. The annual general meeting of the P&C Association will be held in February of each year. An ordinary general meeting of the P&C Association will be held immediately following the annual general meeting. The agenda of the annual general meeting shall include setting the membership fee of the P&C Association for the next year and nominating the person to conduct the audit of the financial records of the P&C Association.

  5. No person will serve more than two consecutive years in the same position.

  6. A general meeting of the P&C Association will be held immediately following the AGM in February and then on the 3rd Tuesday of each subsequent calendar month. Should the 3rd Tuesday fall in school holidays or on a pupil-free day, the meeting will instead be held on the last Tuesday of the school term before the holidays. Meeting dates can be changed by the Executive Committee, provided members receive at least 7 days’ notice of a change and provided at least two meetings are held in each school term.

  7. Any person eligible1 for membership may become a member or renew membership by paying the required membership fee of gold coin to the Treasurer, after any general meeting2. Membership will remain current until the close of the annual general meeting in the following year. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date register of membership.

  8. At a general meeting the quorum will be in accord with Rule 10 of the constitution. Where the association has a current membership of 50 or more, the quorum at all meetings of the association shall be 11 members. Where the association has a current membership of less than 50, the quorum shall be will be one plus one-tenth of the number of members but shall not be less than five.

  9. If a meeting for which due notice has been given does not achieve a quorum within 15 minutes of the advertised starting time the Secretary will, or in the absence of a Secretary remaining members of the Executive will call a further meeting. Failing that any five members of the P&C Association may call a further meeting with a lapse of not more than 28 days of term time to carry on the business of the P&C Association.

  10. In the absence of the Secretary the remaining members of the Executive or any five members of the association may call a meeting, giving due notice of the business proposed for the meeting to the school community.

  11. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with the rules and policies of the P&C Association. Members will conduct themselves accordingly.

  12. Each meeting of the P&C Association will be conducted as follows;
    • Welcome and formal opening of meeting
    • Apologies
    • Minutes of the previous meeting (Receipt/Amendments/Adoption)
    • Business arising from the previous meeting Minutes
    • Correspondence
    • Reports [including Treasurer/sub-committee/Principal’s/representative]
    • General Business [motions to put on notice or those already notified to members]
    • Meeting Close

  13. The P&C Association may elect representatives who will be responsible to represent the P&C Association on committees or at events. Members who are elected to represent the P&C Association are required to produce a written report to the next general meeting of the P&C Association.

  14. A general meeting of the P&C Association may declare any Officer who has been absent for three successive meetings, to have vacated their position and to have created a casual vacancy to be dealt with by means of Rule 6 of the constitution.

  15. Any motion to expend P&C Association monies over $10,000 must be placed on notice at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered.

  16. The P&C Association may confer the honour of Life Membership or Outstanding Service on a member of the P&C Association or a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the work of the association. Life Members may attend and speak at meetings but are not entitled to vote or to hold office unless they are also ordinary members.




1. All parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school / all citizens within the school community / the Principal of the school, or the Principal’s nominee, shall be a member, ex officio, of the P&C Association and its sub-committees / school staff / employees of the P&C Association can be a member; however, they will need to understand the Conflict of Interests and be aware of potential conflicts when attending and participating in a meeting.
2. Annual subscription (membership fee) paid to the Treasurer between meetings, will only be recognised as financial at the close of the next P&C Association General Meeting when the register of members is updated, and the person will be able to vote at all P&C Association meetings thereafter.

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