Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all staff of Stanmore Public School P&C while acting in their official and/or voluntary capacity. The usage of the word “staff” is intended to mean both paid and/or voluntary personnel of Stanmore Public School P&C and may be used interchangeably with the word “personnel”.



The fundamental ethical principles from which the ethical obligations contained in the Stanmore Public School P&C’s Code of Conduct are derived, are:

  • respect for the law and system of government;
  • respect for persons;
  • integrity;
  • diligence; and
  • economy and efficiency


1. Respect for the Law

Stanmore Public School’s P&C personnel, in common with all citizens, have an obligation to observe the laws of the State and the Commonwealth.


2. Respect for Persons

Stanmore Public School P&C staff are expected to treat students, other staff and members of the community equitably and with respect. This involves:

  • Courtesy and responsiveness in dealing with others
  • Fairness in supervising and dealing with other staff
  • Making decisions that are procedurally fair to people
  • Avoiding discrimination on grounds such as gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, cultural background, religion, marital status, age or political conviction
  • An awareness of and respect for cultural difference
  • Engaging in rational debate and allowing alternative points of view to be expressed.
  • Adhering to time limits (5-10mins) for discussion to maximise finishing on time and providing a system by which unresolved issues are followed up outside of meeting times and reported back at the next meeting
  • Avoiding behaviour which might reasonably be perceived as harassment, bullying or intimidation.


3. Integrity

Staff should be honest in carrying out their duties, and avoid conflicts between their private interests and their Stanmore Public School P&C responsibilities with respect to:

  • Personal relationships
  • Financial relationships
  • Receipt of gifts
  • Outside work
  • Use of confidential information obtained in the course of Stanmore Public School P&C duties
  • External activities and public comment.


4. Diligence

Staff should carry out their duties in a professional and conscientious manner. This involves:

  • Carrying out official decisions and policies faithfully and impartially
  • Seeking to attain the highest possible standards of performance
  • Exercising care for others in employment-related activities
  • Ensuring outside extraneous interests do not interfere with a staff member's official duties or responsibilities
  • Adhering to professional codes of conduct where applicable.


Staff are encouraged to report fraud or corrupt conduct to appropriate Stanmore Public School P&C or external authorities.


5. Economy and Efficiency

  • Staff should use Stanmore Public School P&C resources only for legitimate Stanmore P&C purposes.
  • Staff should avoid waste.
  • Staff should maintain adequate security over Stanmore Public School P&C property, facilities, and resources.


Staff should familiarise themselves with this Code of Conduct and endeavour to ensure that its principles are observed at all times.
Go to the P&C Governance page under 'Documents' to view the Code of Conduct signed by the Executive at the AGM.

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