Annual General Meeting Checklist

Before the Annual General Meeting

  • Check the time and date of AGM in the P&C Association by-laws
  • Is the membership list correct and current? Financial members are those people who have previously paid the annual subscription. Members names are recorded in the register (membership list) by the Secretary and the Treasurer will have given them a receipt for their membership payment.
  • Advertise the AGM to the whole school community and all P&C Association members at least 14 days prior to the meeting being held. This notice will include a list of representative positions to be elected at the meeting.
  • Remind members that if they are not able to attend the AGM they must submit apologies to the Secretary and indicate in writing if they are happy to accept nomination to a position or wish to nominate to a position.
  • Ensure all reports required from office-bearers are completed; for example a report from the President, Treasurer’s Report including the Audit Report.
  • Check the by-laws to see if there is a limited tenure on any office-bearer or representative positions and inform the Returning Officer.
  • Distribute the Minutes of the previous AGM as well as a copy of the Constitution and by-laws to all members.
  • Ensure that the Treasurer has presented all the records of the P&C Association for auditing to the auditor appointed by the P&C Association at the last AGM? The records consist of:
    • Minute book / Cash book / Deposit book / Cheque book / Receipt book / Invoices / Bank statements
  • Ensure that reports that have been submitted to the AGM are strictly relevant to the AGM? If not they should be tabled to the General Meeting that is convened following the AGM.

During the Annual General Meeting

  • The AGM is chaired by the President with required reports and Minutes being tabled and adopted as per P&C Association practice. Once the business of the meeting is resolved the Returning Officer (usually the Principal) is invited to host the elections.
  • The Returning Officer declares all positions vacant.
  • The ballot is conducted by the Returning Officer. Where the Principal is not available the Returning Officer position in determined by the meeting and must be someone who plays no part in the election. (i.e. Does not stand for a position or cast a vote).
  • The Secretary should give all written nominations to the Returning Officer.
  • The office-bearer positions determined by the AGM, according to both the Standard and Prescribed
  • Constitution are declared vacant and are then elected. The positions are as described in the Constitution:
    • President / Two Vice- Presidents / Secretary / Treasurer and up to six Executive members.
  • Other representative positions held by the P&C Association members are elected at the AGM. These positions may include:
    • School Finance Committee / Merit Panels / Feeder school committee / School Welfare Committee / Uniform sub-committee / Fundraising sub-committee / OOSH sub-committee / Canteen sub-committee
  • On completion of the elections the office-bearers and all other elected positions commence. The President may commence their duties by thanking the Returning Officer for completing the tasks.
  • The auditor for the following year is determined (by resolution) at the AGM.
  • The AGM is closed and the General Meeting can be convened.

After the Annual General Meeting

  • Is your organisation incorporated? If yes, you must send a copy of the audited financial statements to P&C Federation within one month of the AGM. If not contact P&C Federation and get more information.
  • Complete P&C Federation’s Member Register Update; under ‘Members’- this will ensure that all of the office-bearer information is up to date.
  • Ensure that the President and Secretaries have access to the passwords for the P&C Association’s email address as provided by P&C Federation.
  • Update the Australian Business Number (ABN) register. P&C Associations are required by law to tell the Registrar of the Australian Business Register within 28 days of any changes in your registered business details, including changes to the authorised contact person.
  • Update the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Registration - P&C Associations will need to update the responsible person information and contact details within 60 days of any change.