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Category: Policies Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 February 2020 Published: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 Written by Matt Crane
Effective date June 2019
Review date June 2020
Approved by Stanmore P&C Executive and Members 2019

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The P&C would like to reduce waste, increase recycling and lessen our environmental impact when organising events, and to place an emphasis on sustainable practices as a priority above fundraising.

The intention of these guidelines are to provide an agreed standard approach with simple, achievable ways to set up events whilst keeping the environment in mind; ensuring we are following the best approach possible to reduce waste, single use plastics, and also to increase recycling.

These guidelines are to be used for all P&C organised events, including Election Day BBQ, Mothers’ Day (gifts/events), Fathers’ Day (gifts/events), Movie Nights, Trivia Nights and Big Night Out.

The team producing the events should be prepared to talk through and answer questions about their approach to sustainability at P&C meetings or the P&C executive before the event.


Areas to Avoid

Suggested Alternatives + Practices

Bottled water/soft drinks
  • Suggest to use bubblers
  • Remind people to bring their water bottles
  • Buy recyclable cans of drink, glass or tetra packs instead of poppers
Plastic straws
  • Either don’t offer straws at all
  • If absolutely required provide paper straws
Plastic or polystyrene single use items - including utensils, cups, plates
  • Use paper napkins to serve food (e.g. sausage in a roll with a paper napkin)
  • If absolutely necessary use paper based plates, containers and cups
Selling cheap plastic single use toys (e.g. glow sticks, balloons, glitter)
  • Suggest kids to bring torches, or sell torches that can be used again
  • Find toys that have less environmental impact and less travel miles
  • Use reusable bunting as decorations
  • Find eco glitter
Single use plastic bags
  • Supply paper bags, calico bags or no bags
  • Encouraging people to bring their own bags
  • When shopping for events use boxes or reusable shopping bags
Excessive packaging (e.g. plastic condiment bottles)
  • Buy bulk bottles of condiments and decanter if needed into reusable bottles
  • Always wash and recycle bottles when finished instead of throwing into the bin
Plastic single use tablecloths
  • Use fabric tablecloths that can be washed and reused
Plastic food service gloves
  • Use compostable food service gloves
Avoid buying goods/items that are the cheapest without analysis of long term durability or sustainability (e.g. Investing in good quality BBQs instead of cheaper options that will need to be replaced within a short time frame)
  • Check out ratings on Choice for durability
Avoid excessive consumption, reconsider products that are made from new materials
  • Check both P&C storerooms before ordering anything
  • Borrow from Inner West P&C Network or parent community
  • Buy second hand/recycled where appropriate
Avoid food waste
  • Preference for events to have meals ordered & purchased prior to events
  • Consult fundraisers and “Lessons Learnt” for guidance as to quantity of food needed
  • Have plan for excess leftover food
  • Donate to parent volunteers at the end of the day
Avoid recyclable items going to landfill
  • Think carefully about reducing waste and maximising recycling at all events
  • Always have recycling bins available split and labeled into paper/cardboard/soft plastics/compost/recycling + general waste
  • Ensure post event that everything is placed in the appropriate bin
Avoid meat only based menus
  • Always offer a balance of meat and vegetarian options on food menus, aiming to not only cater to vegetarians but to reduce environmental impact of meat production.

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