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Effective date November 2017
Review date November 2018
Approved by Stanmore P&C Executive and Members 2017

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This Policy outlines which agreements for sponsorship are considered appropriate for the Stanmore Public School P&C to consider by the governing body of its Executive Members and other P&C members. The final consideration will be vetted by the principal of Stanmore Public School on behalf of the Education Department. It will clarify how the Stanmore Public School P&C will manage these relationships and the information that must be provided in order for an application to be considered.

The aim of the Policy is to promote the vision and values of the Stanmore Public School by encouraging and enabling the Stanmore Public School P&C in consultation with the principal of Stanmore Public School, to consider and enter into sponsorship arrangements using a fair and transparent process.

All policy and procedural statements contained within this document are to be used as guidelines for volunteer members of Stanmore Public School P&C.


Sponsorship is the negotiated provision of funds, goods and/or services in exchange for advertising, publicity or other benefits. Sponsorship may take the form of a financial donation and/or provision of material good/services or other resources, such as labour or facilities, in exchange for agreed acknowledgement.

A Sponsorship Agreement is a written document, which may take the form of an exchange of letters, sponsorship agreements or contracts, outlining the negotiated terms for a sponsorship with an individual, a business or an organisation (Sponsor).

Stanmore Public School P&C (SPS P&C) is an incorporated body under the Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations Incorporation Act 1976. The Stanmore Public School P&C raises funds to contribute to Stanmore Public School in areas not directly funded by the NSW Department of Education, but where the principal of Stanmore Public School (SPS Principal), in consultation with the SPS P&C, feels there is a need for additional support.

Policy statement

The sponsorship activity must be consistent with the ethos of public education and the values, principles and goals of SPS. All sponsorship monies received by the SPS P&C will be classified as P&C funds and therefore managed in accordance with the Stanmore P&C Constitution and By-Laws.

No member of the SPS P&C Executive Members or the fundraising committee may personally benefit from any sponsorship arrangement excluding those related to events. Sponsorship opportunities for events will be developed separately and made available on an event basis.


Stanmore Public School P&C Sponsorship Policy

The SPS P&C, wherever possible, will seek to promote sponsorship opportunities to all relevant organisations and businesses. The SPS P&C will not endorse a Sponsor's product and/or service.

Any conflicts of interest should be declared and the conflicted party will recuse themselves from the final approval process.

Sponsorship arrangements should be entered into with organisations that:

  • have a presence in Stanmore or the local community
  • have an affiliation with SPS in some way, and/or
  • seek to market themselves to the parents and carers of SPS students, and not directly to students.

Monitoring and reporting responsibilities

The SPS P&C is required to:

  • maintain accurate records of all sponsorship agreements
  • advise the SPS Principal of all sponsorships at the outset of formal negotiations, and
  • ensure details of sponsorship income and expenditure are provided to the SPS Principal to indicate how each sponsorship benefited students.

Authority to negotiate and approve sponsorships

The ‘Sponsorship Checklist’ (Attachment A) should be used as a guide in establishing sponsorship proposals.

Mandatory procedures

The negotiation of sponsorship agreements must proceed according to the following procedures no matter what the size and scope of the sponsorship arrangement:

  • Sponsorship must be seen as an opportunity to enhance the education of students.
  • Acceptance of a sponsor’s product and/or service must not be made a condition for student participation in the sponsored activity or program.
  • Any organisation whose name is associated with the manufacture, distribution or sale of tobacco products, pornography or armaments is not regarded as an appropriate sponsor. This would not necessarily preclude involvement with local clubs, supermarkets and other businesses, provided that their name is not linked to inappropriate products.
  • When examining the appropriateness of a sponsor, the following should be considered:
    • The type of products or services the organisation markets
    • The marketing methods employed by the organisation
    • The impact that the organisation’s products and processing have to the health of consumers, the community and/or on the environment
    • The public image of the sponsoring organisation as an employer, and
    • The capacity of the Sponsor to pay the proposed amount or the promised goods and/or services.
  • A Sponsor will not be given exclusive rights to school or student activity, or restrict the activity of the SPS P&C in anyway.
  • The SPS P&C must review the Sponsor’s promotional material before the distribution of such promotional material.
  • Communication to the school community about sponsorships will come from the SPS P&C, not from the school or the Sponsor and should be presented as such.

Contracts and written agreements

Each sponsorship agreement shall be made for a specific period and purpose. Sponsorship agreements may be re-negotiated by either party. Each sponsorship agreement shall contain a clause which allows for the cancellation of an agreement without penalty, where information questioning the appropriateness of the Sponsor comes to light after an agreement has been signed. The SPS P&C shall ensure all acknowledgement arrangements are detailed in the agreement to avoid any future dispute over the nature of their obligations.


The extent of the acknowledgement or advertising of the Sponsor, both verbally or in writing, will be at the discretion of the SPS P&C Executive Members and documented in the Sponsorship Checklist.


Although sponsorship agreements may provide exposure of the Sponsor’s corporate logo and name, the written agreement must not endorse or recommend any product and/or service.


Sponsorship proposals should be measured against the Sponsorship Checklist with final authority over any agreement being with the SPS Principal. The SPS Principal on behalf of the Education Department retains the right and the responsibility to revisit a decision if it is deemed inappropriate.

Significant or unique arrangements

Arrangements that are considered significant or unique by the SPS P&C Executive Members will be reviewed on a case by case basis and, subject to this Policy, may be approved by the SPS P&C Fundraising Committee after consultation with the SPS P&C Executive Members and the SPS Principal.



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