$21,500 for our school

Category: P&C News Blog Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2017

Thanks to the generosity of Cobden & Hayson’s Jonathan Hammond the commission-free sale has raised an amazing $21,500 for the school.

Jono has donated the commission he would have made on this house sale directly to the school, significantly increasing our fundraising efforts for this year.

What a fantastic win for our school. To raise this amount of money ourselves we would have to run at least four fundraising events, with all the organising, volunteering, and putting our hands in our own pockets that that entails. The winner of the auction, a client of Cobden & Hayson, was encouraged by the agency to bid, and the commission that Jono so generously gave up now comes to the school instead. Thanks so much to Jono and his team for their support and generosity. We have now raised enough money to improve the school toilets.