P&C Role Vacancy - Treasurer

The P&C will be looking for assistance in 2019, but you probably don't really know what the commitment would be or if you can make the time to help. So the current Treasurer has put together some background information on his experience that will give you an overview of the Treasurer's role.


From the Treasurer

Firstly an introduction. My name is Todd Coleman and I still have a child at Stanmore in Year 5. My older daughter left Stanmore last year, and has made the leap to high school. I always thought I didn't have much to add to the P&C, as I didn't really get to spend a lot of time at school, but I realise now I missed out by not being involved earlier.

So in 2017 I offered to help out with the Treasurer's role as I had heard it was being vacated, and with my experience in banking and finance, running the family business, I thought I could help out - even though I was not an accountant.

Well it was a steep learning curve, as there were a number of things happening such as changing banks, the P&C having recently started to operate the canteen, and learning how Xero (bookkeeping software) worked, but it all clicked pretty quickly, and I now realistically spend about 1-2 hours a week on the role and about an hour or two getting ready for the monthly meeting. Just so that I had a plan of what to do, I have put together "how to" guides for the various tasks the Treasurer does at different times during the year, as it makes it easier for me and will be there for the next Treasurer.

I still don't spend a lot of time at school, although I do the odd drop off or pick up and can now have a chat to some great people I have met through the P&C that are outside of the Year 5 parents I know. But even though I have also started my own business outside of the family business, I still have time to do the bits and pieces for the Treasurer's role, as it can be done in the evenings and you don't have to be at school.

So what are the minimum skills you really need to do the role?

  1. Have used internet banking
  2. Have used a computer
  3. Definitely don't need to be a spreadsheet guru
  4. Able to text

While I do speak Finance a bit more fluently than some people, the role is now seriously easy with the setup in Xero and the way the bank accounts are set up. So no need to be a spreadsheet guru, or an experienced Accountant, but for anyone with Accounting skills and experience it would obviously be an advantage.

So if you are interested in helping the school out, and the kids love the fact you are on the P&C, I'm happy to talk about what is involved. I can be contacted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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