Tomato Festival 2019

It’s time for Stanmore Public School’s Second Annual Tomato Festival

Last year the school Kitchen Classroom ran its first Tomato Festival. We asked families to donate ripe tomatoes to the Kitchen which were then turned into passata and used throughout the year in kitchen classes for students to create some delicious recipes. It was so successful we're doing it again this year.

For the next two weeks, we hope to fill our pantry with beautiful ‘school’-made fresh Tomato Passata to enjoy all year. We’ve formed a great relationship with Cornersmith Café and Picklery where we have supplied them with our excess produce throughout the year and they, in turn, help us.

Yet again Cornersmith are supporting us by allowing us to use their Tomato Passata recipe and donating jars. They recently launched a Preserving Tomatoes online course and are offering the Stanmore Public School community a 20% discount. To take advantage follow the link below and enter the discount code: stanmoretomatoday

We are looking for donations of juicy ripe tomatoes, so if you’re out shopping and spot a special on some ripe tomatoes (the best ones for passata are often on special!), please grab a few more and donate them to the kitchen or canteen any day from Monday Feb 18 – Thursday Feb 28. Last year a couple of families found some at the markets for just a couple of dollars for a 5kg box – bargain!

How you can help:

Donate some juicy ripe red tomatoes
Drop off tomatoes to the kitchen or canteen on any morning of the Tomato Festival (Monday Feb 18 to Thursday Feb 28)

Come to a Kitchen class
During the two weeks of the Tomato Festival, if you come to Kitchen class early, you’ll get a crash course on Passata making and then go on to make it with the kids
for 9:40am classes, come at 9:15am
for 11:20am classes, come at 11:15am
for 1:40pm classes, come at 1:15pm