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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

In response to a CareMonkey message sent by the school on Thursday March 21 regarding a rally held at the school gate that morning, the P&C would like to clarify that they had no involvement with organising this event.

On occasions the P&C are asked to share details of events that may affect or be of interest to the school community (e.g. neighbouring school’s events, local development proposals etc). Agreeing to share details does not imply that the P&C are involved with organising or running such events. Our intention is to keep the school community well informed.

The P&C were made aware during the March 19 P&C Meeting by an individual parent at school that they had organised this event. There was a request to publicise the event. After discussion at the P&C Meeting it was agreed that the P&C should inform the community that the event was taking place and to share the organiser’s contact details so that any questions and concerns could be addressed directly prior to the event taking place. This message was delivered via Class Reps on March 20.

The P&C never has, nor would we, organise rallies such as this. We are not aligned with any political association and we respect the views of everyone in the community equally.

We are dedicated to helping the school in many ways that benefit the teachers, parents and especially the students. We felt it was appropriate to communicate the details of this event with parents and caregivers as we have done previously with community related issues and events.

We always attempt to be clear in any communications with the community and we regret that the school misinterpreted our intentions in this instance. If anyone in the community has a question or concern about a communication receive from the P&C we can be contact by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Online Feedback Form.



P&C Communications Committee