Climate & Sustainability

Climate & Sustainability

There are some activities around Climate Change and Sustainability planned for the next fortnight. Whilst we are aware that there is a spectrum of political opinions within the parent community of Stanmore, climate change is a matter of science.

Join us in the park after school this afternoon (Friday 13th September). Families are meeting in Montague Gardens to make some placards for the Climate Strike, enjoy a green afternoon tea and chat about how we can support sustainability at Stanmore. Please bring craft materials and some snacks to share. All welcome.

On Thursday 19th September, a number of parents will “Wear Green for Climate” day. All Parents and carers who would like to support this initiative are invited to wear green on this day. This is the perfect time to reuse your BNO “Going Green” costume! We will meet in the morning at 8:50am under the COLA for a photo. Note: This is not a school wide mufti day.

Looking after our school environment is such an important practice to instil in our children so we will be having a ‘school clean up day’ and picking up rubbish that otherwise could end up in our waterways. This will take place in the lunch hour on Thursday 19th September. If there are any parents or carers willing to come along and help and support this effort, that would be wonderful.

We would also like to promote nude food within the school community to coincide with this. Where possible we encourage you to please pack lunches in reusable containers, minimising waste.

If you have any thoughts/suggestions about these ideas, please let us know as we are interested in collaborating. What aspect of this would you like to get involved in? Would you like to join us? Could you help organise part of this or future initiatives?

On Friday 20th September, some Stanmore students, parents and community members will attend the global Climate Strike in the Domain. They will be joining school students across Australia as part of a Global #ClimateStrike as a way of demonstrating directly to our elected leaders our deep concern about the ongoing lack of political action on climate change.