Ideas in Action

Category: P&C News Blog Last Updated: Monday, 22 March 2021
Ideas in Action

Please share your thoughts and ideas on some, or all, of the following topics.


Crunch time for the Canteen

We currently run our much-loved Canteen. This arrangement is under review and we're keen to hear from anyone who is interested in the issue. Pricing, menu options, payments, whatever you want to talk about, all opinions are welcome.


Spending spree

The P&C currently have funds available to invest in the school and we want to know what you think we should spend it on. We're asking teachers, students and parents for their ideas because you're the experts on how we can improve the school. Talk to your kids and let us know by Monday 19th April.


The year of reconnection

Last year with events cancelled and casual meet-ups in the playground impossible school relationships suffered. Connection is how our community thrives and this year the P&C is making this our focus. We'd love you to be involved if you have any thoughts about how we can make it happen.

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